Preferred Vendor Program

Our Preferred Vendor Program has been successfully helping wedding industry related vendors increase their wedding business bookings.  Let us help you increase your business with our direct targeted marketing program. We offer an inexpensive way to target people in the process of planning a wedding and in need of services like yours.


Since we feature only one vendor per category, you would be the only vendor of your type listed in our preferred vendor campaign!


Our preferred vendor campaign is a successful direct and targeted marketing and co-branding tool as they are directly given to bridal parties in the process of planning a wedding and in need services such as yours.


We provide opportunities to align your business with bridal shops in your area through our preferred vendor program. This program provides a unique opportunity to be part of the a local bridal shop located within your geographical service area.


Please take a moment to watch the video below for more information about our successful preferred vendor program.



Please reach out to one of our Project Managers to see how we can help you increase your business and achieve your goals.


We reserve the right to refuse or reject placement of any vendor for any reason.

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