Here are some reviews from some of our happy clients.

Exceeded my expectations!

We are so happy working with Susan. They helped us to include us as a preferred photography vendor with some great Wedding dress boutique stores in New York and New Jersey.

Reasons we love working with them:

1. Very responsive: Contacting Susan (Bridal Industry Marketing Manager) is very easy. She is very quick on email which amazes me since she is a busy person. She helped us tremendously in each project from beginning to end to make the project successful and make us feel happy with the final product.
2. Well prepared: Susan knows her job better than anyone, before proposing us any project she did lot of research in the market about the project. Her suggestion and guidance was excellent and very knowledgeable to make each project successful.
3. Value: Cost of each project was really worth, they made the initial folder design and shared with us to review, and made the design change based on our request. Once the final design was approved by us they made a great Bridal Dress folder, which was excellent. The most important thing they delivered the project / product on time and it could not be possible without Susan, a big thanks!
4. Fun to work with: Though we never met Susan in person, she and her team handled everything online and over the phone with excellent communication. The interaction and comfort level to work with them was great.
5. Susan and her team are truly professional, helpful and well experienced on their field. They are the best!
6. We are working with Susan to increase our search engine rankings with their online marketing services.

Thank You!!

Lead Photographer / Owner
JioArts Photography

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You guys have been the best. You work with me and always are checking in. I cannot express how much you guys have been a blessing to me. I am excited to growing my business and with your help.

I would highly recommend you to others.


Stephanie White
Amorous Weddings and Events

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